My travellingsite
Traveling is living, a famous danish writer once said, and I quite agree. Maybe you know him? H. C. Andersen.

I have all ways traveled a lot. When I was small, my parents took me to most of the european countries, and later, I've traveled some by my self.

Here I collected some of the pictures I've taken, and added some of the history behind the picture to them. Just click at the location to your left, and enjoy the pictures and the small stories.

I got some more pics from Greenland. They will be added as fast as I can.

Just remember the writers words. They are true.

Feel free to write to me, if you want to know more about where I've been and my experiences. Just click here.

Check my pictures from warsaw:
This is the Warsaw uprising monument at Krasinski Square. In memorial of the dead during WW2.